JBL JR POP Speaker: A Great Addition to Any Kid’s Gadget Collection

JBL JR POP Speaker: A Great Addition to Any Kid’s Gadget Collection

Kids can be rough with technology, but of course, it’s not really their fault. Often, their motor skills aren’t yet developed enough for them to be able to take good care of their gadgets, or they’re just too young to appreciate the financial value of the object they’re interacting with.

What’s more, conventional gadgets designed for adults are also usually too big and heavy for them to handle, making kids prone to dropping them onto the floor. As such, it’s prudent to keep electronics away from their reach until they’re at the age where they can treat fragile objects with care. That, or ensure that they’re only given gadgets that are designed for children—electronics that are durable, lightweight, and are appropriately sized for children to use.

The latter was exactly what audio giant JBL had in mind when they came up with their latest product geared towards the little tykes, namely the JBL JR POP. This portable Bluetooth speaker was created to sport all the traits required for kid-proof gadgetry: lightweight, rugged, with a cute design, and availability in different colors—all of these while

Let’s explore further why the JBL JR POP is something parents can absolutely trust with their kids.

Awesome specs:

  • Wireless/Bluetooth-capable
  • Powerful Li-Ion Polymer battery guarantees 5 hours of uninterrupted playtime
  • IPX waterproof design for worry-free listening no matter how messy it gets
  • Built-in multicolor light mode adds an exciting visual flair to music
  • Tough, durable design with strap that lets your kid take the JR POP anywhere they want
  • Colorful sticker set included for customization—make your JR POP truly yours

Simple, colorful, and appealing design

There’s not much to say about the JBL JR POP’s design, and in the realm of portable speakers for kids, that’s a good thing. It’s essentially of a smooth, palm-sized “locker padlock” shape with a hard plastic loop above the speaker that allows for a thick ruggedized strap to be attached. The speaker grill is wide and covers the entire front face of the speaker, with the letters JBL printed on the slats.

The only buttons on the device are indented along its rim, preventing accidental presses from active use. The buttons also only require a single tap to be engaged rather than having to be held down.

The JBL JR POP’s colors are also nice, bright, and vivid, but without being too overpowering or sore on the eyes. This is thanks to the soft neon-pastel palette that JBL has specifically picked for this product line. Some of the colorways available include appealing choices such as Rose Pink, Iris Purple, Aqua Teal, and Red.

Overall, the JBL JR POP portable speaker sports a very simple and no-nonsense exterior that doesn’t have any sharp edges or protruding buttons that could hook or pinch into children’s delicate skin.

Solid and durable JBL build quality

JBL has always been known to make portable speakers that are truly built to last, and in this regard, the JBL JR POP is no different. While it certainly doesn’t have the reassuring heft that other JBL speakers have, weighing at only 121.2 grams, it does feel quite solid in the grip. For one, it has no creaky, flimsy parts that may shatter easily after a couple of drops. We also noted that all potential weak points, such as the strap loop, look to be suitably reinforced.

The strap itself is made of the same thick material used for bag straps, so we don’t foresee any future problems where it might fail and let the speaker drop from where it’s attached to. In short, you don’t have to worry about this portable speaker as far as durability is concerned.

Strong sound quality but disappointing bass

Another area where JBL excels at is the quality of sound that their products offer. While it’s unreasonable to expect the JBL JRPOP to offer the same kind of bass-pounding, party-pumping power that its bigger and more expensive brothers do, what is here is very adequate for its pricing and size. The sound is full and warm, with details such as percussion and vocals coming out as clear and strong. Midrange tones are also very adequate and has enough backing to really come across.

Bass is where the JBL JR POP unfortunately fails, specifically in the sub-bass department. It just doesn’t have the backing in that area to really shine through or even be audible, even with bass-heavy songs. With that said, mid-bass is there and in adequate amounts, so it’s not a total knock against the product.

Handy and entertaining features

Being a gadget aimed towards children, the JBL JR POP comes with some unique features that make it that much more engaging to younger gadget-owners. The first is a light-up feature that makes the rim of the circular speaker light up in random patterns when music is playing. This adds a bit more visual flair to the device when it’s being used, as well as making it double as a safety light for your child in low-light situations (e.g. while riding their bike late in the afternoon or early evening). But if they don’t wish to engage this feature, all it takes is a tap of a button to turn it off.

The second interesting feature is that the JBL JR POP comes included with a colorful set of water-resistant stickers, allowing its young owner to customize their portable speaker however they wish. These stickers consist of cute monster faces, happy emojis, as well as a set of letters and numbers that should be enough to spell out any nickname.

Adequate battery life

Speaking of battery life, the JBL JR POP does in fact deliver, with its 600mAh polymer lithium-ion battery able to output at least 5 hours of uninterrupted playtime. While this is nowhere near enough for an entire day’s worth of listening, five hours should be more than enough for any music session. If a longer listening experience is needed, then an external battery should serve you well.

What is disappointing is the charging time, which can take up to 2 hours for a full charge. So, if your little one is the impatient sort, then you would do well to remind them to charge this gadget the night before expected use, or at least early in the morning before they need to use it.

Final verdict: A great portable speaker for kids

JBL has proven time and again that they know what they’re doing when it comes to quality and durable portable audio hardware. As such, any JBL product will always be a solid and remorse-free gadget purchase. The JBL JR POP is no exception to this rule, featuring great build and sound quality while offering a kid-friendly design to boot. If you’re a parent looking to start off your young brood with safe yet engaging gadgets, then the JBL JR POP is a wonderful choice.

If you’re in the market for a new gadget that you can give to your kid, consider getting the JBL JR POP from Poundit today. This speaker is currently being offered at a discount in our website, so it’s the perfect time to get one if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little one, or you simply want to spoil your child for being a total angel.

Just enter the voucher code REVIEW201913 upon checkout, and PHP 250 will be immediately slashed off the JBL JR POP’s normal price. This voucher code is usable even if the JR POP is marked down, on sale, on promotion, or bundled with other products. You’ll have to hurry, though, as the code is only valid for 30 days after the publication of this article!

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