Leaked Photos of Samsung S10E Show Solid Details

Leaked Photos of Samsung S10E Show Solid Details

Images of the soon-to-be-released Samsung S10E were recently posted on German website WinFuture. The photos give some clear details on some of the features that the new Samsung phone will have, clearing up many of the rumors surrounding the budget Galaxy S10 model.

One of the most notable features that the S10E will have is the inclusion of dual cameras at the back, debunking previous rumors of it having a triple lens setup. It will also have a single front-facing camera that is directly embedded on the upper right side of the screen. This is in stark contrast with other phones that opt to use a notch for its front camera location.

The leaked size and display details also check out thanks to the images, with the S10E sporting a 5.8-inch display. This makes it roughly the same size as the Galaxy S9. It will also feature Samsung’s Infinity-O display that gives it the same expansive look as with other models of the current generation.

A “Lite” Version of the Samsung Galaxy S10

With the release of the Galaxy S10 just around the corner, consumers looking for a less expensive alternative are considering the Galaxy S10E as a very viable option. Samsung’s new line of flagship mobile phones is slated for launch on February 20 and features many significant upgrades from the previous Galaxy S9 model.

It isn’t unheard of for Samsung to release various other models alongside its standard flagship phone. The base model is typically accompanied by a “lite” model that has fewer features and comes at a reduced cost. In terms of price, rumors have been circulating that the Galaxy S10E will anywhere from $650 to $750. This is a significant drop against the $779 price tag that the Galaxy S10 is expected to have.



After the February 20 announcement of the Galaxy S10 and its accompanying models, the phones aren’t expected to be commercially available for at least another week or two. Rumors have pointed to a March 8 street date for the Galaxy S10 series.

Comparison with Apple’s iPhone XR

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has always been front and center, especially in the mobile phone industry. Each company has its own brand of flagship handsets that have been rivaling one another for many years now and 2019 is no exception.

The iPhone XR is considered the equivalent of the Galaxy S10E in terms of price point and technical specifications. The Galaxy S10E will have a higher internal storage compared to the iPhone XR, with the former carrying 128GB against the latter’s 68GB. In terms of RAM, it’s a similar story with the Galaxy 10E having 6GB of RAM versus the iPhone XR’s 3GB of RAM. The S10E will also have the option to upgrade its internal storage with a microSD card, similar to other Samsung mobile phones.

Another notable point of comparison is the cameras on both devices. The Galaxy S10E will still make use of dual lens cameras, as seen in the leaked photos. In comparison, the iPhone XR will sport only a single lens camera.

Images source: https://winfuture.de/news,107219.html

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