Lenovo’s ThinkPad P52 Laptop to Carry 128GB of RAM

Lenovo’s ThinkPad P52 Laptop to Carry 128GB of RAM

Lenovo recently revealed that its next-generation workstation laptops will pack as much as 128GB of RAM along with other high-end specifications to give users optimal experiences and increase productivity when using highly demanding applications.

The ThinkPad P52s are also equipped with 6TB hard drives, eighth-gen Intel hexacore processors from Intel, NVIDIA Quadro P3200 graphics cards, and 15.6-inch 4K resolution displays. The laptops are also compatible with today’s VR headsets for good measure.

Current-generation high-end laptops usually have 16GB of RAM. Top-end units pack 32GB memory configurations, though these are typically used for running very taxing processes such as rendering and heavy multitasking.

Recently, Dell became the first laptop maker to release 128GB RAM laptops with its Precision 7530 and Precision 7730 models. Both are priced at a minimum of $1,199 and Lenovo is expected to price the P52 competitively against these models.

Lenovo is among China’s biggest electronics manufacturers. It was founded in Beijing in 1984, and acquired IBM’s PC business in 2005. Today, the company is best known for its laptop and smartphone offerings.

Image source: http://blog.lenovo.com/en/blog/the-new-thinkpad-p52

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