LG V40 to Come With 5 Cameras – Source

LG V40 to Come With 5 Cameras – Source

If you thought three cameras were a bit much for one smartphone, LG Electronics decided to take it to the next level. Sources are now being cited that the upcoming V40 model will come with no less than five cameras.

According to a report in The Android Police, the Korean electronics giant will place two cameras at the front and three at the back. The dual front cameras will likely support depth recognition for facial verification while the three cameras at the back might be used for wider shots, better zooms and depth-related applications.

As far as design is concerned, the source mentioned that the front side will have a notch similar to what the iPhoneX started. The handset will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip and will support a Google Assistant button. Audio features such as the Quad DAC will also make a comeback.

Details on other possible hardware innovations have yet to be revealed. Current trends include greater emphasis on attaining an all-screen surface, using in-screen biometrics, and even adding pop-up front cameras.

LG has been releasing quality offerings such as the G7 ThinQ in the Philippines for several years now. However, the brand has yet to attain massive adoption with its limited ability to stand out from the rest of the Android phone pack. With five cameras, though, the V40 is guaranteed to make a great deal of noise.

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