Logitech Brings Back the Classic MX518 Gaming Mouse

Logitech Brings Back the Classic MX518 Gaming Mouse

Logitech is bringing back its legendary MX518 gaming mouse this 2019. This new version of the MX518 retains its classic sleek exterior and features updated technology that will fit right in with modern gamers.

The Makings of a Legendary Gaming Mouse

The original MX518 was first released in 2005 as a gaming-grade optical mouse. Designed for right handed gamers, the gray-and-black unit boasted an egg-like ergonomic design that provided utmost comfort even after long hours of grinding. It also featured a scrollwheel and 5 programmable buttons: 2 buttons to adjust the mouse’s sensitivity, 2 arrow buttons that flank the scrollwheel, and an application switching button.

The strategic placement of the buttons proved to be an advantage during critical moments, and the mouse’s sleek shape felt comfortable against one’s hand even after hours of grinding. What made the MX518 stand out from other wired gaming mice, however, is its sensitivity. With 1,600dpi (dots per inch) resolution, the model was amazingly quick. However, users can easily adjust the sensitivity of the mouse anytime using the + and – buttons.

Classic Look Meets Unrivaled Technology

The newly revived wired gaming mouse sports the classic look of the 2005 MX518, albeit with a newer finish and more buttons. Inside, though, the new MX518 is equipped with updated materials. It’s armed with the 16,000DPI Hero sensor and a 32-bit ARM processor with a 1ms report rate. It also has onboard memory that’s capable of supporting 5 profiles, so users can access their saved settings without using additional software or logging in. What’s more, it also features 8 programmable buttons, allowing gamers to use their power moves with the click of a finger.

The MX518 is now available for pre-order on Logitech G’s website at a midrange price of $59.99.



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