LOOK: Lenovo’s Z5 Isn’t the All-Screen Marvel It Was Hyped to Be

LOOK: Lenovo’s Z5 Isn’t the All-Screen Marvel It Was Hyped to Be

A few weeks ago, we reported that Lenovo’s upcoming Z5 smartphone would be virtually an all-screen handset that doesn’t have the industry standard chin bezel. It turns out that the hype was completely unfounded as the renders shown by the company were significantly different from the model they just unveiled in China.

The phone’s front is 90 percent screen, which is more than what the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the IphoneX can boast – but is significantly lower than the 95 percent screen ration that Lenovo VP Chang Cheng indicated.

On the bright side, the chin at the bottom and the notch at the top aren’t all that bad. They’re still some of the thinnest in the market today, though that doesn’t exactly give Lenovo a pass for making false statements during its tease phase for the Z5.

The Lenovo Z5 sports a 6.2-inch 19:9 IPS LCD display that’s capable of full HD 1080p resolution. Two 16-megapixel cameras take high-quality still and moving images, while a glossy metallic finish covers the back side. Fast charging is also supported.

The best thing about the Lenovo Z5 is its price. While we’re still not sure what the suggested retail price will be in the Philippines, it’s currently tagged at $200 USD. If the Philippine version is close to that, we’re looking at a handset that should pack plenty of bang for your buck.

image source: https://www.androidcentral.com/lenovo-z5-announced-with-notch-chin
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