Mas Mahal pa ang Iba: Nonda-ZUS Kevlar USB Cables Review

Mas Mahal pa ang Iba: Nonda-ZUS Kevlar USB Cables Review


Walang forever. Daw.

Remember the first time you saw the USB cable that comes with your new smartphone? It was clean, pristine, and you felt like it’d be by your smartphone’s side for the rest of eternity…

Fast forward 6 months and you already feel scared because of the scuffs and tears on the cable that sent a shock through your fingers every time you plugged your phone in to charge.

It was this exact problem that Nonda set its eyes on when it came up with the ZUS USB cable.


The Jun Sabaytest

May forever na

Two things set the ZUS cable apart from regular USB cables.

First off, it’s wrapped with Kevlar. Yep. The same thing used on body armors and space suits. We’ve yet to see the ZUS cable fall apart from regular wear and tear.

Compared to other high-end cables made with the usual silicone rubber or plastic, it’s tested to bend up to 15,188 times versus 10,137 times like the ones made by Belkin. So you can imagine seeing yourself switching between 10-15 different smartphones every year with the same ZUS cable. Color me impressed.


ZUS Cable

Nonda: “I’ll never leave your side…”.


The second awesome thing that sets this cable apart? A lifetime warranty.

Every ZUS cable comes with a lifetime warranty-- so during the super duper rare occassion that the cable breaks, just sent it back to Nonda and they’ll be happy to replace it.


*It can handle up to 65,000 pounds of force.*

How about the basics?

So the ZUS cable is tough and awesome-- that’s a given. But what about its main purpose: to charge?

First off, it’s available in the following cables.
It’s able to charge up to 2.4A, so it’s a good partner with your fast chargers (or even the smart car charger that Nonda also makes!)

On top of that, it’s wrapped with a tough nylon braiding material that keeps your cables organized. It also comes with a free velcro tie to keep it extra organized!

Our thoughts

It’s a no-brainer actually.

For the cost of a new original lightning cable from Apple, it’ll set you back around P1,090.

For almost the same price, you’ll be getting a super tough kevlar USB cable with a lifetime warranty.

If you’re happy spending P300 every 6 months living from cheap cable to cheap cable, then by all means skip the ZUS.

If you are, however, interested in getting a cable that can outlive you and your smartphone, get the ZUS.
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