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Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Every Kind of Adventure

Adventure junkies don't just settle for having the latest GoPro camera on their travels. They know that having the right accessories will make their action camera more fun to use.

Aside from must-have GoPro accessories such as a spare rechargeable battery, carrying case, and backpack, what else will enhance your camera's functionality?

Make the most of your GoPro experience wherever you go—in the mountains, underwater, on the road, or up in the air! Flex your camera's capabilities with these useful GoPro accessories.

Best GoPro accessories for beach and underwater adventures

Unlock the endless possibilities of shooting with a GoPro when you go surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and other water sports. These GoPro accessories can keep up even with the most challenging photographic moments.

For hands-free shooting while surfing or snorkeling: GoPro Wrist Housing

"Look, Ma, no hands!"

So you can focus on enjoying your watersports experience while capturing the moment with your GoPro, use a wrist housing. This handy GoPro accessory allows you to wear your action camera like a watch and conveniently pivot it upright to shoot photos or videos. Perfect for snorkeling in Coron or Bohol!

Going to surf in Siargao or kitesurfing in Ilocos? Keep a GoPro wrist housing handy for when you need to attach your action camera to paddles, kitesurfing kites, and other water sports gear.

For cool selfies and POV shots: GoPro 3-Way Camera Mount

GoPro 3-way mount

A camera grip, a folding extension arm, and a tripod all in one portable gear—that's the GoPro 3-way mount for you.

Compatible with all HERO cameras, this nifty, versatile tool allows you to take a variety of shots, from selfies and POV footage to follow-cam and static tripod shots.

The coolest feature of this GoPro camera mount? It's no photobomber to any selfie! Thanks to its folding arm, you can snap selfies without the mount in the shot.

For better underwater shots: GoPro Blue Water Dive Filter and Green Water Dive Filter


Beach junkies who love snorkeling and scuba diving should use underwater filters for more natural-looking shots of marine life.

GoPro users have two filter options: Blue Water Dive Filter (in red) and Green Water Dive Filter (in magenta), both used with the Super Suit housing for HERO5 Black.

The Blue Water Dive Filter is ideal for shooting, well, blue water. When absorbed underwater, the filter's red color makes videos and photos less blue by restoring the red, orange, and yellow colors.

The Green Water Dive Filter is great for shooting in freshwater lakes and seawaters that look green due to algae.

For hard-to-reach shots: GoPro Gooseneck

Don't you just wish you could adjust your GoPro camera's angle any way you like? The GoPro Gooseneck can bend at any angle to your liking.

As a handheld camera grip, it's perfect for capturing scenes and creatures through narrow openings under the sea. Attach the Gooseneck to any GoPro mount for shooting from a high angle. Talk about shooting like a pro with a GoPro!

For protecting your action camera: GoPro Floaty

Worried that you might drop your GoPro into the water while snorkeling, surfing, or wakeboarding? Protect your precious investment when shooting in and around the water with a flotation device.

The GoPro Floaty keeps your HERO Session camera afloat and secured with its cushiony padding and camera tether while giving easy access to the shutter button.

For preventing a foggy lens: GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts

Have you experienced this? You're on a beach vacation, and you want to capture the captivating sunset. So you get your action camera from your hotel room and go back to the shore. The lens turns out to be foggy. Oh, snap! It's getting dark already.

Avoid missing out on that perfect photo opportunity again. Any camera lens—your GoPro included—can get fogged up when you take it from a cold, air-conditioned room to a warm, humid beach. On your next summer travels, use anti-fog inserts with your GoPro waterproof housing or dive housing. 

Best GoPro accessories for exploring the mountains

Tackling the great outdoors is so much fun when you experiment with different GoPro shots. Enlist the help of these must-have GoPro accessories for hiking, trekking, or mountaineering activities.

For selfies, groufies, and landscape shots: GoPro El Grande (38in Extension Pole)

Longer than your typical selfie stick (reaching up to 38 inches), this extension pole literally takes your GoPro to new heights.

Take a dramatic landscape shot with you looking far away while standing on the peak of the mountain. Or call all your hiking buddies for a wacky group picture. The GoPro El Grande can help you get those perfect shots.

When not in use, the extension pole is collapsible to 15 inches—compact enough to carry on your nature trails.

For shooting time-lapse videos: GoPro Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod)


How about capturing the glorious sunrise with the sea of clouds atop Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada? You can't do that with a GoPro camera alone—it needs a sturdy tripod to shoot a stunning time-lapse video. Count on the GoPro Shorty for this task.

You can also extend it up to almost 9 inches for taking selfies, groufies, and hard-to-reach angles.

Best GoPro accessories for biking and off-roading

Capture the thrill of your road adventures with your action camera and these trusty GoPro accessories.

For attaching your GoPro to a helmet: GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts

Want to mount a GoPro on your helmet? An extra-strong adhesive mount is all you need to securely attach your camera in place.

GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts are waterproof, so your camera won't easily fall off when you're biking in the rain.

For a more engaging view of the action: GoPro Chesty

If you're after capturing the action from an immersive POV, like from a lower-than-the-helmet perspective, a chest harness will help your GoPro do just that.

The GoPro Chesty is a reliable buddy for capturing more of your arms and handlebars when you're riding a bike, motorcycle, or scooter.

For unli captures: GoPro Pro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

Pro bikers and cyclists can document their rides better with a camera mount that allows rotating any GoPro at 360°. Coming with a 4mm hex key, this compact aluminum mount attaches securely to a pole, handlebar, or seatpost.

For protecting your camera against the elements: GoPro Screen Protectors

Scared of getting your GoPro dirty on the road? There's no dodging rocks, dust, dirt, and gravel when you go off-roading or mountain biking. But you can protect your HERO5 camera's front and rear screen display against the elements with the GoPro Screen Protectors.

Best GoPro accessories for aerial adventures

A one-of-a-kind experience deserves to be captured by a camera as versatile as a GoPro. How's that even possible when you're several feet up in the air?

Whether you're on a hot-air balloon ride, zip lining, parasailing, skydiving, bungee jumping, or any heart-stopping aerial adventure, your GoPro will stay securely attached to you with these accessories.

For hands-free, immersive POV shots: GoPro The Strap

Show your family, friends, and Instagram followers how awesome your adventures are! With a GoPro strapped securely to your hand, wrist, arm, or leg, dropping your GoPro while high up in the air will be the least of your worries.

Compatible with all GoPro cameras, GoPro The Strap lets you rotate your action camera at 360° and tilt it up and down without having to remove it. How's that for hassle-free selfies and POV shots?

For an added security in extreme conditions: GoPro Camera Tethers

Still paranoid about losing your camera during an aerial activity? Worry not as long as you're using camera tethers for GoPro. Your camera will remain attached to your gear even if it comes loose.

Before you set off on an adventure of a lifetime, make sure you have all the stuff you need to use with your action camera. Browse through our great selection of authentic GoPro accessories at discounted prices!

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