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New iPad and iPad Mini Models May Be Coming Soon

New iPad and iPad Mini Models May Be Coming Soon

If you’re a big Apple fan, and you’re itching for any information about what they might have in store for the next iteration of their iPad tablets, then this bit of news is definitely for you: it appears that the electronics giant has gone and registered new iPad models in the European Economic Commission (EEC) reference database.

In case you weren’t aware, the EEC product database works in the same way that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US does, which means that, as far as unintentional leaks go, this is a pretty legit sign that new iPad and iPad minis are going to be launched soon. To add to your confidence that this is the real deal, there’s also the fact that other new Apple products have also been registered into the database in the past, and these include the upcoming updates to the MacBook, the Mac Mini, and iMac.

Mysterious filings

So now that we know that this isn’t just all baseless rumor-mongering, what kind of iPads can we have to look forward to? Well, we’re not quite sure yet. According to Indian tech website MySmartPrice, Apple made two new filings to the ECC that mentioned new tablet models that will run on iOS 12. The first filing referenced five different tablet models, while the second filing talked about two models. That’s a total of seven completely new iPads that Apple may be rolling out very soon, with no mention of just what kind of specs they might have, and which ones will actually make it to the market.

While that may sound disappointing, there’s a few tantalizing possibilities we can squeeze out of this reveal if we cross-reference it with some credible rumors. For example, Ming-Chi Kuo—a supply chain analyst with TF International Securities and a reputable source of Apple-related intelligence—recently predicted that Apple would soon reveal an updated iPad mini with a 7.9-inch screen. This new iPad mini model could very well be among those revealed in the filing. So, if you’re into the whole downsized tablet gig and have been bemoaning the lack of a timely model update to the iPad, this may just be your year.

Secrets in the code

More corroborating evidence can also be found in the hot scoop that’s been discovered by developer Steve Troughton-Smith in the code of the recently released iOS 12.2 beta. Through some casual snooping around, the developer found references to two new iPad models, both with Wi-Fi only and cellular versions.

The new models were found to sport the following codenames: iPad 11,1; iPad 11,2; iPad 11,3; and iPad 11,4. These codenames could be referring to the new iPad mini model, as well as a regular-sized new iPad. That’s something to look forward to, then, for the iPad fans who want their slick tablets to be a bit more on the regular-size side. Even better, a related report from China that came out last December also hinted at the strong possibility of a new iPad that will sport a new screen size, one that could match the iPad Pro’s 10.5-inch juggernaut display.

More affordable prices?

Some other tidbits of news found in the code included the possibility of a refreshed iPod model, as well as the rumored new iPad/iPad Mini models without Apple’s patented Face ID face recognition technology. This hints at the possibility of the new iPad models being a bit more affordable than how Apple has been pricing their gadgets lately, which is an overall good thing. The user experience provided by iOS devices is still one of Apple’s strongest selling propositions, so if having  more accessible price points for their tablets means sacrificing a few neat features here and there, then we’re all for it.

If these rumors turn out to be true—and there’s a very good chance that some of them would— then it’s going to be an exciting year for both Apple and Apple fans. The iPad range has easily made a name for itself as the tablet line to beat ever since the first iPad came out in 2010—sporting not only excellent build quality but an overall smooth UX that you can’t get anywhere else, and especially in a tablet of its size. The lower price point only makes the value proposition that much sweeter.

As always, we’ll be updating you through our blog as soon as more details come out, so make sure to stay tuned!

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