Oppo vs. Vivo

Oppo or Vivo: Which Selfie Smartphone Suits You Better?

If you're reading this, we know what you're thinking: "Ano'ng mas maganda: Oppo o Vivo?"

Well, it's tricky to answer right off the bat. These sister brands offer almost identical smartphones that it's hard to tell them apart, except when you look beyond their exterior.

In the past 10 years, Oppo and Vivo have been wooing selfie-crazed Pinoy millennials with much success. We aren't called the selfie capital of the world for nothing!

Which smartphones are better? Let's pit them against each other in the boxing ring. In the green corner, we have Oppo! And in the blue corner, we have Vivo!

Let the pound-for-pound battle begin!

Oppo vs. Vivo Round 1: Camera performance


Positioned as the best selfie smartphones, Oppo and Vivo are the brands to beat when it comes to camera tech. Dual front cameras, for example, are present in models like the Oppo F3 Plus, Oppo F3, and Vivo V5Plus. Oppo and Vivo also feature AI-powered front cameras on their latest models for a fun and personalized selfie experience.

The front and rear camera specs of comparable Oppo and Vivo mobile phone models don't differ much. But it's the actual results that easily distinguish which smartphone camera is superior to the other.

Oppo vs. Vivo reviews online echo one sentiment: while they both snap great selfies, Oppo phones produce more vivid photos.

For example, the Oppo F5 performs better than the Vivo V7+ in low-light conditions. The F5's wider aperture of f/1.8 lets more light in, reproducing more vibrant colors and details in each shot.


Pure Image technology makes shooting with Oppo smartphones a lot more flexible. You can create a double-exposure effect, reverse animation GIFs, and more with an Oppo phone.

As for Vivo, its redeeming factor is the 4K video recording capability of its V9 and V5Plus phones. Shooting in 4K is something Oppo fans have to wait yet.

Round 1 winner: Oppo

Oppo vs. Vivo Round 2: Display and build


Placed side by side, Oppo and Vivo smartphones look like twins with their almost similar display size (ranging from 5 to 6.3 inches) and resolution (both the latest Oppo and Vivo screens are in full HD+).

The choice of phone material—metal or plastic—is a matter of personal preference, as both have their pros and cons. For instance, if you prefer a modern, premium look for your mobile phone, the Oppo A71, F5, and other Oppo phones with metal body finish suit you better.

Round 2 winner: Draw

Oppo vs. Vivo Round 3: Internal specs and performance


If you're into gaming, the most important specs to look for are the OS, processor, RAM, and storage. Oppo smartphones perform better than Vivo in all aspects. The highest RAM of 64GB, for instance, can be found in the Oppo F5 and F7. The Oppo F7 boasts the biggest internal storage at 128GB.

Vivo smartphones are gamer-friendly devices, nonetheless. They have a split-screen feature that lets you run two apps at a time in the foreground. If you want to focus on your mobile game, you can tweak the Game Mode (available in the Vivo V9) so that no calls or notifications will bother you while you're playing.

Still, when it comes to internal specifications, Oppo beats its sister brand.

Round 3 winner: Oppo

Oppo vs. Vivo Round 4: Battery life

In general, Oppo phones outlast Vivo with their efficient battery usage. Charging is also maximized with Oppo's VOOC flash charging technology—in only 30 minutes of recharging, you can already power up your phone by 75%.

Vivo also supports fast charging, but only on its V5Plus model.

Round 4 winner: Oppo

Oppo vs. Vivo Round 5: Audio quality

Vivo has the upper hand when it comes to audio quality. The Vivo V7+, V5s, V5Plus, and V5 feature dedicated Hi-Fi audio chips. Vivo even has its own audio laboratory in Shenzhen, China for research, testing, and improvement of high-fidelity audio in its smartphones.

This makes Vivo phones better suited for music lovers, as well as those who often watch videos on their mobile phone.

Round 5 winner: Vivo

Oppo vs. Vivo Final Round: Value for money

Oppo and Vivo smartphones come with almost similar price tags. Low-end models cost as low as ₱4,000 to ₱5,000. Higher-end Vivo and Oppo phone models—with attractive features that can rival mobile tech giants aka Apple and Samsung at lower costs—are priced only between ₱15,000 and ₱20,000.

Since they're within the same price range, we'll judge the two Chinese smartphone brands based on the first five rounds. Oppo beats Vivo in terms of camera tech, internal specs, and battery life. Oppo phones are perfect for selfie lovers and gamers, while Vivo phones are more suited to audiophiles.

And so, our pound-for-pound champ is… Oppo!

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Photos from Oppo Philippines Facebook/Instagram accounts and Vivo Philippines Facebook page

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