Poundit Investigates: The Difference Between Gen X and Millennials

Poundit Investigates: The Difference Between Gen X and Millennials

Age is just a number, indeed. However, when it comes to personalities and influences, age plays a huge part. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t know the Spice Girls? (Nakakaloka, amirite??) Or maybe a colleague said you’re “lit” and “cool af” but you just can’t understand his point? Yes. We’ve all been there and we have to accept that in this universe, generation gaps exist.

Gen X or Millennial? Where Do You Belong?

Generation X and Millennials are definitely two of the most important generations today. They innovate, lead businesses, build trends, and even influence successful companies. Though dissimilar, Generation X and Millennials still meet at certain points. To understand their lifestyle and personalities, let’s identify them and determine their differences below.

Generation X

  • Born 1965 to 1980
  • Also known as Gen X and Xers
  • Derived from Robert Capa’s photo-essay about young men and women
  • Famous Gen Xers: George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Drew Barrymore, Kobe Bryant, Elon Musk, Britney Spears, Ely Buendia


  • Born 1981 to 1995
  • Also known as Generation Y or Gen Y
  • Derived from the word “millennium” as used by authors William Strauss and Neil Howe
  • Famous Millennials: Mark Zuckerberg, Lebron James, Beyonce, Kim Jong Un, Rihanna, Prince Harry, Zac Efron 

Understanding the Differences Between Gen X and Millennials

Digital Lifestyle 

Gen X and Millennials both grew up with technology in their hands. They both saw the evolution of computers, cell phones, and televisions, among many other innovations. Gen Xers, however, aren’t that dependent on technology unlike Millennials. Most of them find gadgets and internet connectivity as a nice-to-have and not as a need. 

Millennials, on the other hand, are incredibly inclined to technology. They need to connect to the internet all the time and they are always updated on the latest gadgets and digital trends. Millennials are so digital-savvy that they build businesses (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram) and job positions (Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, Web Developers) out of technology.  

When it comes to communication and social media, Gen Xers prefer communicating face-to-face. They find time to meet with family and friends, which is very #TitasandTitosofManila. Millennials prefer chatting and text messaging, and they carry on several conversations at the same time.

Workplace Attitude

Gen Xers and Millennials now make up most of the workforce worldwide. However, despite being back-to-back generations, they are still separated by major differences. Below is a chart to understand their workplace attitudes much better. 


Work Styles

Career Goals

Generation X

Casual, productive, energetic, idea machines, education is more important than experience

Money and work-life balance


Independent, resilient, informal, critical thinkers, finds a balance between good education and relevant experience

Money and career-first attitude

Both generations, indeed, have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Gen Xers are said to be better managers as they can bridge the gap between older and younger generations and because unlike millennials, they don’t need much supervision. 

But millennials have a greater edge when it comes to tech-savvy proficiency. They see technology as a part of their lifestyle, making them adaptable and efficient when it comes to tasks that involve internet research and digital marketing. 

Good news, though: their work attitudes, similarities, and differences help companies grow as they provide a “melting pot of expertise” in the workplace. Hooray! 

Travel and Leisure 

Yup, Gen Xers and Millennials are dissimilar as well when it comes to travel and leisure. Millennials are more #YOLO when planning adventures, booking flights on the last minute and choosing hostels and tents over resorts and hotels. But despite being free-spirited, millennials still enjoy hassle-free vacations and luxurious spa treatments. Who doesn’t, right? 

Gen Xers, on the other hand, are well-prepared before a trip. They read reviews and find the best flight and hotel deals to ensure that they get their money’s worth. Gen Xers typically travel with family and friends, and they prefer relaxation and sight-seeing vacations. 

According to a report by Hipmunk, 59% of Generation Xers would plan their trips six months in advance so they can thoroughly research about their destination and come up with an itinerary. 79% of Millennials, alternatively, would enjoy a themed-flight, proving how adventurous they can be when it comes to travel. 


Let’s not forget the key influences of Gen Xers and Millennials. After all, these shaped them into who they are today. From music to games and films, below is a fun yet appropriate list of the things you enjoyed while growing up. Hashtag Throwback Thursday.

For Generation X: 

  • BMX Bikes
  • Rubik’s cube
  • Boom boxes
  • Film cameras
  • Video and tape cassettes
  • The Cure, Michael Jackson, Guns N’ Roses

For Millennials:

  • Friendster and Myspace
  • Sony Playstation
  • MTV and Myx
  • Voltes V, Gundam, Dragonball Z
  • Counter Strike, The Sims, and Ragnarok
  • Nokia and Motorola cell phones
  • The Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Sandwich

So What’s Your Generation?

Reading about Gen Xers and Millennials’ personalities and influences is not only fun but painfully appropriate as well. So apt that you probably feel old right now, thinking about your childhood and how you are doing at present. Don’t worry, all generations are different; there’s no better and best. One influences and teaches another and so on. Chin up and be proud of being a Gen Xer or Millennial!

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