Samsung Galaxy S10 May Have In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10 May Have In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

Korean news agency The Bell has reported that electronics giant Samsung may include an in-screen fingerprint scanner when it ultimately reveals its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10.

And while Samsung won’t be the first smartphone brand to introduce the feature (Vibo and others did it first), the inclusion of in-screen fingerprint recognition represents a major evolutionary step in the Galaxy S series.

As you may know, the Samsung Galaxy S9 was a generally awesome phone but critics were quick to point out that it wasn’t a significant upgrade over its own predecessor -- the Galaxy S8.

With the addition of in-screen fingerprint technology, Samsung gets back squarely in the feature innovation forefront. In-screen fingerprint scanning may also result in a design evolution as a “chin” bezel may become unnecessary and pave the way for more display space on the phone’s surface.

Reports have also circulated on the possibility of the Galaxy S10 coming in three tiers: a single-camera 5.8-inch variant for users looking for just the “core” experience, a mid-level, dual camera variant with a 5.8-inch display, and a premium 6.2-inch variant that comes with all the bells and whistles.

As the case was with Apple’s iPhoneX, Samsung is feeling the need to introduce revolutionary changes to its flagship smartphone line. We’ll keep you posted on new details as they surface.

Via: The Bell

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