Samsung Messaging App Sending Out Images, Texts by Itself

Samsung Messaging App Sending Out Images, Texts by Itself

Reports have recently circulated around Reddit and the Samsung community message boards that a number of owners have had text messages and images inadvertently sent to random people from their Samsung smartphones for no apparent reason.

Some of the incidents involved simple text messages, while some users have reported that their entire photo libraries were sent to girlfriends and family members.

Needless to say, this snafu raises many privacy concerns and could lead to lots of awkward situations. Confidential information can fall into the wrong hands and sensitive photos can be made public if everything breaks wrong.

The affected device types seem to be as random as the wrongly sent messages themselves. From the current-gen Galaxy S9s to older and lower-end handsets, users have complained about the glitch.

Samsung has promised its community that it will look into the matter. No fixes have been announced so far, but users are advised to turn off the messaging app and use Android’s messenger, Facebook Messenger or Viber as alternatives for the meantime.

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