Snapdragon 710 Promises Flagship-Like Power on Mid-Range Phones Soon

Snapdragon 710 Promises Flagship-Like Power on Mid-Range Phones Soon

Just when we all thought that 4K HDR video, AI camera features and AR Emojis are features reserved exclusively for flagship smartphone lines like Samsung Galaxy series and iPhones, Qualcomm announced the range of capabilities from its new Snapdragon 710 processor.

The new line, which just became available, comes with a multi-core AI Engine along with neural network processing support, image processing support and graphical capabilities which were once reserved only for higher-end smartphone use.

The Snapdragon is the latest offering from Qualcomm and is seated between the lower-tier 400 to 600 series chipsets, and the high-powered 800-series.

The more discerning among you when it comes to image quality will be happy to know that the Snapdragon 710 will support Spectra 250 image signal processor capabilities. In plain English, that translates into multi-frame noise reduction and depth sensing – elements critical to superior picture and video quality.

The 10 nanometer chipset will allow you to play videos at 4K HDR for unparalleled detail and lighting fidelity. Qualcomm also claims that despite the power it carries, the 710 will use Adreno GPU technology, allowing it to cut power usage in gaming applications.

Hopefully, smartphone manufacturers take on the new processor soon and present us with substantially more cost-effective models. We’ll keep you posted here at Poundit.

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