The Top 12 Trends and Highlights of CES 2018

The Top 12 Trends and Highlights of CES 2018

From killer laundry machines to flying taxis. The future is here.


Every year, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlights the newest innovations of tech companies from around the world.

But with thousands of products on the show floor every day, it’s easy to get lost in all the fluff of tech that either bores you to death or scares you Terminator-style.

That’s why we went through all the newest tech from CES and got you our top 12 trends and highlights of CES 2018!

1. Control games with your entire body: The Xenoma E-skin


If you thought living inside a virtual world in VR was already cool, wait ‘till you get a feel of using your entire body as a controller inside your game.

The Xenoma E-skin feels like a spidey suit that tracks your every movement with sensors around the fabric.

So every punch, jump, or bend you do in real life, gets translated into the game in real-time.


2. Turn your cheap laptop into a gaming PC: Nvidia Geforce Now (Windows)


Doesn’t matter if your PC just carries a Core i3 or just 4GBs of RAM. As long as you have a decent (Fiber) internet connection, Nvidia Geforce Now streams high end games directly to your 1336x768 screen.


3. VR for cheap: The $199 Oculus Go / The Xiaomi Mi VR


If you’ve been holding back on buying a VR headset because of the absurd $500 price tags, then you should look forward to the $199 Oculus Go, a Snapdragon 821 powered headset that sits between the mobile Gear VR and the high-end Oculus Rift.

Announced alongside it was the Mi VR Standalone, a China-specific VR headset with the same hardware as the Oculus Go.

If only there was someone here in the Philippines who had access to the newest Xiaomi tech...


4. An electric flying taxi. ‘Nuff said: The Bell Helicopter


5. A smartwatch that doesn’t need charging. Just your body heat: The PowerWatch X


The most common problem that holds back people from buying a smartwatch is the fact that “it’s another thing to charge every night” besides your smartphone or laptop.

Enter Matrix Industries’ PowerWatch X, a smartwatch that uses excess body heat to charge. No need fumbling for wires every night.

It’s available for preorder for $249.99, and is expected to ship sometime in Q1 2018.


6. A phone that transforms into a laptop: The Razer Project Linda


One of the show stealers of CES 2018– the Razer Project Linda transforms your Razer Phone into a laptop.

It works by docking your phone into the laptop’s trackpad slot, turning the phone into a trackpad and speaker hardware combo.

Although it’s still an early concept device, it’s exciting to see how an all-Android Razer laptop could work in the real world.

7. A 65-inch TV... that rolls up like a giant newspaper: LG Display 65-inch rollable OLED TV

8. And an 88-inch 8K TV. Because screw 4k: LG Display 88-inch 8K OLED TV

9. An invisible fingerprint scanner for phones: Vivo on-screen fingerprint sensor


Remember that article we wrote about Vivo’s on-screen fingerprint scanner a couple weeks back?

Well, it’s here. It’s a step up from Samsung’s awkwardly placed scanner on the S8 or the iPhone X’s decision to drop fingerprint scanning entirely.

It’s still a bit slow as compared to today’s fingerprint scanners, but it’s still better than not having one at all.

10. Be a hipster and jump back to the early-2000s: The Slider Keyboard Moto Mod for Moto phones


Despite us living in a touch screen heavy 2018, Motorola has still decided to come up with a $99 keyboard attachment to give you that old Moto Droid or Blackberry feel.

It’s a Moto Mod that plays well with Motorola’s current offering of modular phones (just like the ones that we have!). Just snap it into place and start typing away, 2002-style.

11. Something mom will be proud of, an AI robot that sorts and folds laundry: the $16,000 Laundroid


Nothing much to explain here. It’s a $16,000 robot that sorts and folds laundry.

So if you’re willing to spend on something that costs like a car to do something as basic as sorting and folding laundry, this is the tech for you.

12. Last but definitely not least: The Samsung Galaxy S9 (announcement date)


Samsung’s smartphone Chief, DJ Koh, confirmed the launch of the Galaxy S9 will be happening in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

No exact date yet, but MWC will run from February 26 to March 1 so expect the launch to happen during those dates.

Not much is known about the Galaxy S9, but leaks point towards internal improvements. The design remains the same, with only a slight tweak of moving the fingerprint sensor underneath the camera.

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