Vivo Released a Teaser for Sub-brand IQOO

Vivo Released a Teaser for Sub-brand IQOO

Tech company and well-known smartphone manufacturer Vivo quietly launched its newest sub-brand, IQOO, just a week after the celebration of the Chinese New Year. On February 12, Vivo shared a post by IQOO on its official Weibo account, urging followers to keep an eye out for the new brand.

Registered by the Vivo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., only carries a bit of information about Vivo and nothing about the new sub-brand. IQOO has a verified Weibo profile and has so far published 3 posts, including the futuristic skyline image that Vivo shared. Vivo has not released any statement or additional information about the new brand, but its Weibo post about IQOO mentioned a raffle that has an IQOO phone at stake.

Chinese Tech Brands and Sub-branding

Sub-branding is a common tactic for many Chinese technology companies, particularly those that are competing in the smartphone arena. This strategy is typically employed by a company or brand that aims to target different markets and groups of people.

In 2013, well before Vivo’s IQOO, Huawei launched Honor, a brand that’s focused on budget smartphones and primarily depends on online sales. In the same year, leading Chinese electronics company Xiaomi introduced budget smartphones through its Redmi line. Due to the line’s success, it became a sub-brand with a separate identity from its parent brand Xiaomi in January 2019. Realme, which used to be a brand under Oppo, also carried premium phones for its parent brand before it became an independent company in 2018.

Pure Speculation

There’s sparse information about IQOO; even how the brand’s name is pronounced is still a mystery. While it is certain that IQOO is focused on making smartphones like its parent brand, there’s still a lot of speculation about the specific type of smartphone it will produce and its target market. Some websites interpret the city skyline image, which IQOO published and Vivo shared, as a suggestion that the brand will either release premium smartphones or gaming units.

Tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next announcements from Vivo or IQOO. Fortunately, they might not have to wait too long. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 is set to take place in Barcelona by the end of February, and the event gives Vivo the perfect opportunity to bring the spotlight to its newest sub-brand and smartphone models.


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