WATCH: Asus ZenBook Pro Comes with Touchscreen Trackpad

WATCH: Asus ZenBook Pro Comes with Touchscreen Trackpad

Just when you thought that laptop hardware innovations have stagnated, Asus unveils something to get everyone excited. At Taipei’s Computex 2018 event, the consumer electronics giant unveiled its high-end ZenBook Pro and it comes with a touchscreen instead of the traditional trackpad.

The touchscreen is about the size of a typical smartphone and has a high-0definition display. According to Asus, it works like a smarter, more intuitive trackpad for greater ease of control. More importantly, users can simply hit the F6 key and instantly turn the trackpad into a secondary screen that can display a numeric pad, a calculator, a calendar, and an app launcher. Oh, it can also be used to display YouTube videos via Chrome extension.

The touchscreen trackpad can also be used as an extension of the main screen, though most observers have noted that this is their least favorite use of the feature.

In terms of other hardware specs, the ZenBook Pro is no slouch either. With an 8th-generation Intel i9 processor, up to 16GB of RAM up to 1TB of solid state drive space, and a 4K main display, you should have no problem running even the most demanding applications on this device. The only thing that lags behind a little is the laptop’s NVIDIA GTX 1050 T.I. GPU which is solid, but not exactly a world-beater when it comes to processing graphics for highly demanding games.

Asus also unveiled its ROG smartphone in the event, which the company says is the world’s most powerful mobile gaming device.

No announcements have been made on when the two devices will hit Philippine stores but we’ll be sure to post an update when that information is forthcoming.

Via: The Verge

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