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Why a Drone Should Be Part of Your Photography Arsenal

The world of photography has seen a few major revolutionary developments over the past few years. For one thing, the advent of digital cameras has made it easier for people to take up photography as a hobby and develop their skills in composition. For another, the emergence of image manipulation tools and DIY guides has also made it easier for people to perform post-processing on the images they take. Even the developments in social media have had an impact on the way people take, share, and view photographs. But perhaps the most notable trend that has arisen recently in modern photography is the use of remote-controlled drones.

While drones have been used for various industrial, commercial, and scientific purposes in the past, it's only lately that they have become accessible to the general public. Drones, like those available from, typically come at such affordable price points that even simple enthusiasts and hobbyists can have one as part of their photography equipment. But what does a drone actually offer that makes them a worthy investment?

A New Perspective

The most obvious advantage of getting a photography drone is that you get to take pictures of your subject from an angle that wouldn't be possible with conventional gear. Do you want to take a photograph of someone or something from a high vantage point? Back then, this was only possible with the help of a ladder, an overhead rig, a crane, or a helicopter.

Shooting from a higher point of view certainly helps when you want to create new perspectives and develop new narratives. If you want to take a shot of something like the underside of a bridge or the middle of a busy street, for instance, you don't have to worry about getting on a boat or stopping the traffic just to get a few good shots in. Just fly the drone into position, take the shots, and fly it back to you.

More Pictures, Less Preparation

While one can argue that photography at any vantage point is possible given the proper equipment and preparation, using a drone to achieve the same results still takes a lot less time. This may not be a problem if your subject is just a stationary object, but what if you're after something that constantly changes?

Take festival images as an example. You need to have the right rigs and platforms to take good overhead pictures, and those have to be set up before the party starts. If you're not there early, you'll never get a chance to set up. That's not an issue with drones that can be up and flying in a couple of minutes. You get to spend more time taking pictures and less time setting up.

It's More Fun                             

Despite their military and industrial roots, many people still think of today's photography drones as toys. However, that's not entirely a bad thing. In fact, the fun you have flying the drone—as though it were any other remote controlled toy or device—could be that one thing that makes the art of photography more satisfying than it already is.

Taking photos using a drone can be appealing not just for the photographer but also for individuals who are having their pictures taken. Many people like the novelty of having a small hovering machine take photos of them more than just someone with a camera and a tripod.

Do you absolutely need a drone? Of course not. Needless to say, you can still be a great photographer without one. However, having a drone gives you a lot more options and a greater room for creativity. Whether you're a hobbyist or someone planning to go professional, getting a drone will take your craft to new heights—literally.

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