Why We Love the New GoPro HERO 7 Black

Why We Love the New GoPro HERO 7 Black

Last September 20, Filipino techies enjoyed a preview of the brand-new GoPro HERO 7 Black. After seeing this for ourselves, we guarantee: travel and tech enthusiasts alike are in for a huge treat with this solid new addition to the GoPro family.

We’re also stoked to announce that, beginning September 27, the GoPro HERO 7 Black will be on sale on Poundit.com. This keeps us in the running as one of the leading distributors of authentic GoPro cameras and accessories in the Philippines, as well as tech and consumer gadgets at large.

So, what’s the T on the GoPro HERO 7 Black? This short primer will fill you in on how the latest iteration of the popular GoPro camera compares to its predecessor, which specs wow as the most, and what new and exciting features it has that everyone can look forward to.

Closing in on the HERO 7’s Big Improvements

At first look, the HERO 7 Black looks just like its predecessor, the HERO 6. But as the curious sticker on the box will tell you, this iteration comes with an even better electronic image stabilization system.

The ‘HyperSmooth’ systems works on “gimbal-like” stabilization, but without a gimbal pivoted support. The stability and rotation that this affords the HERO 7 Black makes it, in the words of GoPro founder Nick Woodman, “the best in-camera video stabilization in any camera, ever.”

Looking at side-by-side video comparisons of the HERO 6 and HERO 7, it’s not hard to agree. The difference was clearly visible in high-speed shooting environments, like in a skate park and on a sledding range. The HyperSmooth functionality eliminates shaky cam footage in favor of stable, smooth, and on-tangent video shooting.

Moreover, the HERO 7 Black comes with a more intuitive touch-screen user interface (UI). First-time users of the camera won’t have a hard time switching between modes or resolutions. The HERO 7 Black is also noted to have a great recording microphone system, which is crisp and clear even for an action cam. These are some of the big upgrades that you’ll only discover on the HERO 7 Black.

What We’re Loving about the Specs

The specs on the HERO 7 Black are worthy of its price point. The camera sports a 12 MP lens, captures video at 4K60 and 1080p240, and enables super slo-mo recording of up to 8x. The “Super Photo” mode will yield stunning HDR shots improved with built-in tone mapping and noise reduction.

This model is also a “tough-as-nails” type. It’s waterproof up to 10 m without a protective casing, and can withstand hard drops and tough, dirty environments.

You can also make the shots hands-free, because the HERO 7 Black can operate via voice control. The camera can recognize up to 16 unique voice commands, including to tag a video online by saying “that was sick!” If you’re using your HERO 7 Black in the most high-octane action-adventure situations, we’re pretty sure it will be!

Exciting New Features

But the GoPro HERO 7 Black has more than what we’ve come to expect. One of the most innovative features it comes with is the stabilized TimeWarp mode, which enables consistent and stable time lapse shots from scene to scene.

The HERO 7 Black also brings out a more social element to your photography and videography. Easy sharing is made possible through its instant Facebook live streaming feature. Your footage can go from camera, to phone, and right to your FB story—so that your family and friends can watch each moment unravel in real-time.


The HERO 7 Black will be released alongside two lower-priced variants, the HERO 7 Silver and HERO 7 White. Among the three new “heroes,” however, it’s clear that the HERO 7 Black has the most power, versatility, and connectivity.

We can’t wait to bring this bad boy to your doorstep for the big unboxing. Don’t forget to browse the rest of Poundit’s GoPro catalog to complete your ultimate GoPro kit, all in time for your next big adventure.

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