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Beats Earphones

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Beats by Dre is probably the world’s most recognizable personal audio brand in the world. Thanks to their eye candy designs, comfortable fit and good sound quality, people all over the world can’t help but buy them like hotcakes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that top tier celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have been seen in public and in videos rocking these audio devices.

Whether you’re into catchy hip-hop beats or you prefer classic music form performance halls, Beats will deliver an optimum listening experience. These earphones don’t just feel good around the ears and sound good regardless of what you’re playing – they’re also fashion statements in themselves thanks to the distinctive designs and the bold colors they sport.

Poundit offers only 100% genuine Beats earphones. With our direct partnership with the manufacturer and its authorized distributors, we can guarantee product authenticity, performance and aftersales support. Shop for Beats with us today and get your earphones as early as tomorrow if you’re from Metro Manila.

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