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Sure, most smartphones and mobile devices have their own MP3 player functionality alongside their large library of features. But if you want your own playlist to accompany you in your workout, during a run, or even while swimming, then that's the time that you absolutely need a smaller but just as robust MP3 player. Not only are they more convenient to use and carry around due to their smaller size, some are even sweatproof and waterproof.

Here at Poundit's secure online shopping website, you'll find a great selection of MP3 players that should be perfect for whatever activity you may have in mind. Whether it's a smaller gadget that you're looking for or something that can withstand the sweat and moisture from your intense workouts, we have it for you.

Order your MP3 player from Poundit right now and enjoy your very own soundtrack playing in the background wherever you are. All our products are guaranteed genuine and new in box, while also being covered by original manufacturer's warranty. Don't delay, buy now!

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