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RavPower Ace Series 32000mAh External Battery Charger

No More Powerless Journeys

When heading out for a journey, nobody wants to be disappointed by the lack of power. Made just for you, the RAVPower 32000mAh power pack can keep you pumped up with battery for at least 10 days. Unprecedentedly humongous power is embedded in this power bank, which can charge most smartphones and electronic devices several times. Experience abundant power from this gargantuan portable charger; it is not just bigger.

3-Port Total 6A Output (2.4A Max Per Port) Enjoy supreme efficiency with triple USB ports made for charging smart phones and tablets quickly at the same time great for explorers, hikers, backpackers, etc. Three iSmart 2.0 USB pioneer in individual (2.4A) and simultaneous output (total reaching 6A). These USB ports also offer intelligent device identification and output adjustment.

Shorten 60% Recharging Time with DC 5V/2.4A Input

Refuel your external battery pack to its full capacity in just 12 hours when connected to 2.4A charger, which is over 60% faster than 1A input. In order to save your precious time, we suggest using DC 5V/2A rated and above chargers to achieve maximum performance when recharging this power bank.

Improved Safety & Material

Indulge in the consistent deluxe quality from RAVPower Ace series power bank. Inside UL94 fire & UV resistant shell is the upgraded Li-polymer battery ‰ with capacity 20% larger than other chargers of the same size and category. It also offers safer performance than the 18650 core, with overcharging and short circuit protection.

Intimate Design

Useful guidance from power button and signal lights allow for wiser, smarter and more reasonable use out of your power bank, which precisely show you how much battery left.
1 x Solid LED: 1%-25%
2 x Solid LEDs: 26%-50%
3 x Solid LEDs: 51%-75%
4 x Solid LEDs: 76%-100%

Technical Details

  • Capacity 32000mAh
  • Output 6A Output
  • Input 2.4A Input
  • Charging Time 14-15 hours

Delivery Time:
Metro Manila: 3 to 5 Business Days
Provincial: 5 to 7 Business Days

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