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Cheero FABRIC Micro USB Cable - 50cm

  • Through the use of weaving, strength and durability have been greatly improved. The cute cables feature a 2-tone weave of black and white. If you’re tired of simple cables then these are for you! In addition to handling rapid charging, these can also be used to transfer data if you connect your smartphone to your computer.

    • Main functions: Charging/transferring

    • Inch (bulk) 50cm:approx. 500 × 14.8 × 7 mm, 100cm: approx. 1000 × 14.8 × 7 mm

    • Weight (bulk) 50cm: about 10g, 100cm: about 15g

Delivery Time:
Metro Manila: 3 to 5 Business Days
Provincial: 5 to 7 Business Days

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