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Fujifilm Instax Mini Film (Black)

  • For users who may prefer a simple, uncomplicated black frame / look for their various uses and occasions. All instax film packs allow the user to be creative and expressive in his or her own right. The possibilities are endless, whether it is a craft project, a decoration for the home or simply a shared photo with a family member or a friend. Available in a 10 exposure pack and produce 2x3 credit card sized images in ISO 800. Compatible with any INSTAX mini camera and instax SHARE Smartphone Printer.

    Superb Grain Quality with All the Highspeed Advantages of an ISO 800 Film -Direct positive sigma crystal emulsion technology

    Excellent Sharpness - Technology for thinner and more uniform layer arrangement and faster acid transfer in the neutralizing-timing layer.

    Vibrant Color Reproduction -Technology for eliminating interlayer color mixing and dye-releasers

    Further Extended Temperature Range (5C - 40C) -New advanced fine-grain emulsion, new development accelerators and newly developed development-control technology

    Faster Image Formation - Newly developed thin film technology and new development accelerators

    Greater Resistance to Age-induced Changes in Raw Stock - New emulsion, new development accelerators and newly developed development control technology

    Single-plastic Composition for Easier Disposal - Unified-composition film pack


    Can be used for Instax mini cameras (Mini 7, Mini 7S, Mini 8, Mini 25, Mini 50S, Mini 90) and Instax Share Printer