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Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Hello Kitty

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Give your Fujifilm Instax Mini photos an irresistible dose of Sanrio-brand cuteness by using this Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Hello Kitty set the next time you’re taking pictures. This cute and quirky package features the same high-quality film that you’ll get from the same Fujifilm brand of film packs, but with a twist: the white borders around the film are emblazoned with the cuteness of Sanrio’s mascot, Hello Kitty herself! This pack comes with 10 Hello Kitty-printed shots!

  • Sports the Hello Kitty logo and character art on the frame
  • Offers the same quality as other Instax Mini films
  • Ensures clear and striking results under both daylight and electronic flash conditions
  • Small film size makes it perfect for snapshots, portraits, scrapbooking, and mementos


  • Includes 10 Hello Kitty-branded shots in each pack
  • Colorful Hello Kitty print on top and bottom of borders
  • Same Fujifilm Instax Mini film quality, no different from official Fujifilm packs
  • Compatible with the following Instax Mini models: Mini 7, Mini 7S, Mini 8, Mini 25, Mini 50S, Mini 90, as well as the Instax Share Printer
  • Features Excellent Sharpness and Vibrant Color Reproduction Technology, ensuring high quality pictures every time

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Instax Mini model cameras is this Hello Kitty film compatible with?

It is compatible with the Instax Mini 7, Mini 7S, Mini 8, Mini 25, Mini 50S, and Mini 90.

Do the pictures come out in color or black and white with this film?

They’re printed in color.

Should this particular type of film be hand-checked in airport security?

Yes. Instax films are quite sensitive to x-rays, and exposing them to an x-ray scanner could ruin them.


What’s in the Box?

10 x Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Hello Kitty Exposure Sheet/Film x 10