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Fujifilm Instax Mini Film (Shiny Star)

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Want to preserve your memories in a cute, cool way? Take your photos with an Instax camera and develop your photos on the spot! Want a cuter, cooler way to take those Instax photos? Get the Instax Mini Shiny Star film! The film’s versatile and high-speed ISO 800 ensures accurate and birght colors, natural skin tones, and high sharpness and clarity whether you’re shooting under daylight or using an electronic flash. Meanwhile, the colorful starburst designs of the frame adds even more pizzazz to your pictures.

  • Easy-to-carry credit card size
  • High-speed ISO 800 for superb grain quality
  • Easy-to-load cartridge
  • Highly stable film emulsion



  • Stable film emulsion allows instant developing in temperatures between 5°C and 40°C.
  • High-speed ISO 800 ensures superb grain quality and vibrant colors
  • Each film cartridge is labeled for easy loading
  • Guaranteed no interlayer color mixing
  • Faster image formation
  • Age-resistant
  • Single-plastic composition for easier disposal
  • Size: 5.4cm x 8.6cm
  • Image area: 2.4” x 1.8”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this film compatible with any Instax camera?

This particular film is compatible with all Fujifilm Instax Mini Cameras (Mini 7, Mini 7S, Mini 8, Mini 25, Mini 50S, and Mini 90) as well as the and Instax SHARE.

How do I use these films?

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Locate the film cover of your Instax camera and press the latch to open the film compartment.
  • Place the Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Shiny Star cartridge inside the camera.
  • Ensure that the markings on the camera and on the cartridge are aligned.
  • Close the film compartment.
  • Turn on the camera and press the shutter button. This will eject the cover of the film cartridge. The counter should change from “S” to “10” if you do this correctly.
  • Take your pictures!





What’s in the Box?

  • Ten (10) sheets of Fujifilm Instax Mini Shiny Star Film