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GoPro 3-Way Camera Mount (AFAEM-001)


The GoPro 3-Way Camera Mount helps you shoot flexibly at any angle—thus getting you closer to the perfect one. It’s versatile as a camera grip, folding extension arm, and tripod all in one. Thus, the mount is great for any shooting environment, be it ordinary or action-packed.

  • Highly flexible
  • Discreet components that won’t stick out in shots
  • Parts can be assembled or detached as needed
  • Shoot in high-action environments, such as for sports


Product Features

  • 20” (50.8cm) in length when fully extended
  • Collapsible to 7.5” (19cm)
  • Configurable for different types of shots and angles (selfies, follow-cam footage, immersive POV)
  • Three main uses: camera grip, extension arm, or tripod
  • Arm grip can be used as a pole mount for mobile shots
  • Handle can be detached from arm and used as camera grip
  • Tripod is removable; retracts into handle for easy storage
  • Lightweight and durable mini tripod
  • Waterproof and submersible in water environments

Frequently Asked Questions

What GoPro camera models are compatible with this device?

All GoPro HERO camera models can be used with the GoPro 3-Way Camera Mount.


How do I adjust the folding arm when I want to move it into the desired position?

It’s easy to adjust the angle of the folding arm, so that you can extend it further or bring it closer to you for selfie footage! Just loosen or tighten the middle screws accordingly.


What tripod configurations are possible with the mini tripod?

Once you bring the mini tripod out from inside the arm, you can use it on its own in a stationary position, or use it with another stand to add height.





What's in the Box?

 1 unit GoPro 3-Way Mount (AFAEM-001)

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