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GoPro Camera Tethers (ATBKT-005)

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If you’re planning on doing something extra-intense with your GoPro today, then give your action camera that extra level of security with these GoPro Camera Tethers. Simply peel away the protective backing before sticking the adhesive anchors to your gear. Then, secure the camera tethers to your GoPro’s housing backdoor. Should something dislodge or knock your GoPro off your mount, the tethers will ensure that it won’t fall away and get lost. Removing the adhesive anchors is a cinch, too—just apply heat from a hair dryer and they’ll unstick right away.

  • Adds another level of security for your GoPro—perfect for intense situations and activities
  • Ensures that your GoPro won’t be lost forever should the worst happen
  • Easy to apply and remove without any tools or complicated setups
  • Attaches to any gear so long as it has a surface to stick to


  • Adhesive and tether setup secures your GoPro to your gear in case of extreme action
  • Constructed with lightweight but tough materials that are guaranteed to last
  • Adhesive anchors stick fast and are only removable through direct application of heat
  • Purchase comes with five tethers and five adhesive anchors
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the adhesive anchors hard to remove?

Far from it. All it takes is a direct application of heat, i.e. with a hairdryer, to soften the adhesive. You can easily unstick them then.

Can the adhesive anchors be reused?

All adhesives lose quite a bit of their sticking power once removed. While you can re-stick an adhesive anchor once you’ve removed it, there’s a very good chance it won’t hold as firmly as a fresh one, so it’s not recommended that you reuse it.

Can I use multiple tethers for one single GoPro?

You can, but one should be adequate, unless you’re expecting some really intense action.


What’s in the Box?

  • 5 Adhesive Anchors
  • 5Camera Tethers