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GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts (AACFT-001)


Share your adventures with the rest of the world! It’s easy when you have these durable and easy-to-use GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts, which you can use to attach your GoPro arm and camera to your helmet, surfboard, vehicle, and many other surfaces.

  • 3 flat and 3 curved mounts
  • Industrial-strength construction for optimum durability
  • Made of durable polycarbonate plastic material]
  • Compatible with any GoPro camera



  • Flat and curved adhesive mounts are compatible with many different surfaces
  • Adhesive mounts are waterproof, allowing for secure mounting under any weather condition
  • Adhesive mounts can be easily removed by heating with a hairdryer, leaving no residue behind


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to remove the adhesive mounts?

Even though the adhesive mounts are waterproof and stays in place even when subjected to strong motions, you can easily remove them by heating the adhesive bond with hairdryer.

Are the mounts reusable once the removed from a surface?

The mount won’t stick as much to a new surface once removed, so you can think of the standard mounts as for single application only.

Can I use these mounts with other action cameras?

The GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts were designed for GoPro camera only.





What's in the Box?

  • 3 Curved Adhesive Mounts for GoPro cameras
  • 3 Flat Adhesive Mounts for GoPro cameras