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GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts

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Optimize the functionality of your GoPro camera by expanding your mounting options. The GoPro Grab Bag of mounts and spare parts includes essential components you can use take more awesome videos and images with your GoPro camera.

  • Allows you to mount your GoPro camera in a variety of ways
  • Comprises mounts, mounting buckles, a 3-way pivot arm, and thumb screws
  • Made of durable polycarbonate and stainless steel materials
  • Compatible with any GoPro camera



  • Flat and curved adhesive mounts can attach to many surfaces
  • Industrial-grade adhesive mounts are waterproof for secure mounting under any weather condition
  • Adhesive mounts can be easily removed by heating with a hairdryer
  • Mounting buckles secure your GoPro camera in place while also allowing quick unbuckling whenever necessary
  • Adjustable 3-way pivot arm lets you to easily orient your GoPro camera in an angle you want
  • Thumb screws are composed of stainless steel main screws and durable plastic grips


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the adhesive mounts easily removable?

While the adhesive mounts are waterproof and stays in place for a long time, you can easily detach them by heating the adhesive bond with hot air from a hairdryer.

Is the 3-way pivot arm the same as the GoPro 3-Way Grip?

No they are not. The 3-way pivot arm included in the GoPro Grab Bag of mounts and spare parts is smaller.

Are the components compatible with other action cameras?

The GoPro Grab Bag of mounts and spare parts is only designed to work with GoPro cameras.



1 year official GoPro warranty in the Philippines


What's in the Box?

  • Flat adhesive mount for flat surfaces
  • Curved adhesive mount for curved surfaces
  • 2 quick-release mounting buckles
  • 3-way pivot arm
  • Flat thumb screw
  • Short thumb screw
  • Long thumb screw