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GoPro Pro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount (AMHSM-001)

Record scenic bike rides, capture awesome motorcylcle maneuvers, or simply turn your GoPro into a “dashboard camera” for your bicycle with this lightweight and convenient GoPro Pro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount. Made of tough but feather-light aluminum, this compact mount fits 22.2 millimeter to 35 millimeter diameter tubes, allowing it to clamp on to virtually any part of your bicycle’s frame. Its swivel joint also allows for smooth yet tight 360 degree rotation, enabling you to record at any angle you desire.

  • Compact design ensures low profile and easy storage
  • Lets you mount your GoPro anywhere on your bike
  • Clamps tightly onto your bicycle’s frame, securing your GoPro in place no matter how intense your ride gets
  • Compatible with any GoPro camera


  • Swivel joint allows for 360 degree GoPro rotation for unlimited recording angles
  • Secure locking system fits 22.2 mm to 35 mm diameter tubing, allowing for easy mounting on handlebars, seatposts and poles
  • Made from durable and lightweight aluminum

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the GoPro Handle Bar /Seatpost /Pole Mount need any tools to attach or remove?

It requires a 4mm hex key to secure or loosen the clamping mechanism.

Can I use this to mount my GoPro on my motorcycle?

Yes, but only if the clamping mechanism is able to fit and secure around your motorcycle’s handlebar. Measure beforehand to be completely sure.

Can I use this mount with other cameras?

The GoPro Pro Handlebar/Seatpost/Poue Mount is designed to be compatible with GoPro cameras only.


1 Year GoPro Philippines Warranty

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount

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Metro Manila: 3 to 5 Business Days
Provincial: 5 to 7 Business Days

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