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GX Speed P100 GAMING Mouse Pad 355 x 254 mm with a 3mm thickness

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Gamers and non-gamers alike will appreciate the excellent response and smooth action provided by the Genius GX Speed P100 gaming mouse pad. The cloth weave pad ensures precise tracking of mouse movements, while the rubber padding prevents slipping. The wide working area also gives you more range of motion, resulting in less fatigue even after long hours of gaming or working. This very durable gaming mouse pad also reduces the wear and tear on your mouse.

  • Smooth cloth weave pad ensures fast and precise mouse movement tracking
  • Non-slip 3-mm thick rubber padding
  • Wide work area for unrestricted movement
  • Suited for MMORPG and RTS games



  • Ultra-thin, smooth cloth weave pad for fast and precise tracking
  • Anti-fray stitching for enhanced durability
  • Non-slip 3-mm thick rubber padding for comfort
  • 14 x 10 inches work area for unrestricted movement
  • Comes in a red-and-black design
  • Comes with a binding strap for portability
  • Weight: 187 g

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this mouse pad made of?

The top part is made with a thin synthetic textured cloth, while the bottom is made from natural rubber.


Can I use this with any kind of mouse?

Yes, you can use this for any kind of mouse whether it is a regular mouse or a gaming mouse. Some computer mice work less effectively on too-smooth or glossy surfaces like glass; using this mouse pad will help with this kind of problem.





What’s in the Box?

  • One (1) Genius GX Speed P100 gaming mouse pad
  • One (1) binding strap
  • User manual